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Rated 1 / 5 stars

Lots to fix.

I don't want to critique the graphics, just the game-play, first screen transition, when you walk from the school to next screen you end up by Bob's Jobs, secondly there seems to be no reason for intelligence to be above 5, and no reason for strength to go up at all, one more thing, if I was really bored when playing this (maybe a bug, or just not through all the way) There is no reason to ever leave the first day I made it to day four before I just slept at my house until day, actually day 27 because it didn't count until you left the house, but my strength was 45 intelligence in it's 30s and 7K in bank on day four, no telling what after interest, maybe the game would be tougher if the Hospital cost more and sucked a day, EX- +50 -$200 -1 day, Items to buy, objectives to complete, I won't comment on the graphics, as I said before, game-play is a bigger issue here, graphics would come later.

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coocooletmoi responds:

Ok. Thanks for your constructive review !